The Successful Author Podcast interviews Nick Night

Julie Anne Eason

I was recently interviewed by Julie Anne Eason for her show The Successful Author Podcast.

Julie is an author, a writing and publishing coach, and a ghostwriter extraordinaire! In this interview, we discuss the power of creating live-connected books, giving authors the newfound ability to communicate to their readers by simultaneously building their email list AND by magically updating every copy of their book in existence.

We also discuss some ways to create new kinds of books that do not have to behave the way we’ve come to expect. Books that auto release new chapters over time, educational books that advance the reader to each new section by passing a test, and ultra-rich media books that have videos, exclusive web content, audio read-along features, and even private communities.

I hope you enjoy this podcast, and please subscribe to this show on iTunes. Already in the can, Julie has two of my favorite guests – Chris Ducker and John Lee Dumas, each of whom have podcasts that I never miss!