Inspirational and Transformative

Nicholas Night's presentation 'Connecting with Customers in a Digital World' was outstanding. It was not only informative, but also inspirational and transformative. It made us all think differently and see new possibilities for interacting with our clients in a way which will allow all of us to increase customer satisfaction and keep them coming back for more.
Jean-Pierre Mainguy, Ph.D. University of Redlands School of Business


I have heard Nick speak on two separate occasions and he was spot-on both times. He brings practical information to the platform in way that is very engaging and fun.
Laurie Guest, CSP Certified Speaking Professional

Customer Focused

He IS a great entrepreneur with his Revizzit company. He is always looking for ways to match his company features to customer needs. He's very customer focused!
Dr. Tony Alessandra Professional Keynote Speaker at Alessandra & Associates, Inc.

A Visionary

Nick has demonstrated his ability by creating his online company Revizzit. A true visionary, who knows what it takes to follow through!
Max Howard Partner at International Animation Consulting Group

Sees Potential

He sees the potential that others don't and he has the talent to realize it.
John McKenna Head of Production at Prana Studios

Honest and Fair

Nick is full of good ideas that he doesn't just talk about but actually makes happen. He has a great start-up business that's really going to take off. He is honest, fair and can really see business from all sides. I've known Nick for 20 plus years and am always amazed at his creativity and ability to solve problems.
Bill Herz President - Magicorp @Concept Artists, Concept Artist & Speakers and President, Magicorp Productions, Inc., Cornell grad.

Great Advisor

Nick is a great advisor! He's personally helped me in my start up online business. He lays things out in a simple, straight forward way that makes it easy for anyone to understand the steps in starting an online business.
Michael Giles Illusionist at The Magic of Michael Giles

Creative Thinker

Nick is smart, creative, out of the box thinker, with a wide range of skills, from marketing, copy, design, running production and technical teams, pitch/financing, product development, sales. He really listens, and understand what sort of issues you're having and suggest potential cool ways to work around it you probably haven't considered before. He's fluent at communicating at all levels, from exec level and production, technical, marketing and creative.
Troy Gardener Principal Wizard, at TroyWorks.com