About Nick

Nick Night combines his experiences as an award winning illusionist, film and television executive, video game producer and software developer to connect with and inspire your audience.

For over 30 years Nick Night has honed and refined his powers of connection.

In the 80’s and 90’s he toured as a world famous magician, performing his award-winning illusion show, The Art & Illusion of Nicholas Night & Kinga. He has connected with millions of people on stage and television in over 30 countries, with featured appearances in the U.S. on ABC’s Champions of Magic, Fox’s Magic on the Edge, and Masters of Illusion.

The new millennium brought a change in direction as he found creative success in animation, as an executive and creative director for film, television and online gaming studios. Nick now connected with some of the biggest brands in entertainment, pitching original concepts and developing existing properties for companies such as Disney, MGM, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, PBS kids, Dr. Seuss Enterprises, NatGeo and more.

In 2010, Nick Night founded a premium content platform, Revizzit, based on a new idea – digital goods that are live-connected directly to the customer! Add some content, insert an announcement, delete outdated info – and instantly change every copy in existence!

The work with Revizzit also started his path as a digital product and marketing consultant, connecting with some of the biggest names in the business – from bestselling authors to Hall of Fame speakers to world-renown entertainers – empowering them to connect with their thousands of customers and fans.

As a keynote speaker, Nick Night inspires businesses to embrace a new approach to making a connection with customers in the digital world. Using humor, science and a bit of magic, he teaches us how to “engage our connection engine”, and use this knowledge to avoid the perils and pitfalls of our impersonal, yet highly powerful social networks.

Nick is a proud member of American Mensa, The Academy of Magical Arts and Sciences, and The National Speakers Association.

He lives in Southern California with his lovely wife, Kinga, and amazing son, Jackson.