Connecting With Customers and Clients in a “Disk-Connected” World

Nick Night has been connecting with audiences of every type for over 30 years. As a world-class illusionist, Nick presented his show on stage and television in over 30 countries.

Following his career on the stage, he pitched original gaming, film and television concepts to top studios and networks such as Disney, MGM, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and more as an executive in animation.

As CEO and founder of a revolutionary content platform, he continues to maintain and develop new relationships with customers and clients around the world.

Nick has returned to the stage once again, this time bringing his knowledge of powerful personal and customer connections.

His keynote speech, Connecting in a Digital World, is an engaging blend of evolutionary biology, communication skills, neuroscience and some actual magic to help companies create stronger bonds with their customers, clients and teams.

Attendees learn:

  • How to create instant rapport with someone you just met
  • Why a giraffe can teach us everything we need to know about social media
  • How to use technology as a connecting tool, and when to avoid it
  • Why “selfie mode” isn’t just a camera setting, but rather a universal truth
  • How maintaining connections is not only good for business, it’s imperative for your health

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